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A Journey of Prayer – Part 3, Shared Tears of an Unmet Friend

It’s 3:30 a.m. Having difficulty sleeping, I decided I needed to do something productive in hopes I could wind down and get some sleep. I decided to do some “house cleaning” of my hard-drive and get rid of some of useless … Continue reading

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A Journey of Prayer, Part 1 – The Most Dangerous Prayer

LETTING THE VINEDRESSER HAVE HIS WAY I meet with some great guys for breakfast on many Friday mornings, and have for over 12 years. We used to attend the same church. For several years running we had an annual weekend … Continue reading

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Why “Journey to Blessing”

First, let us understand that both of these words can take two different forms in the English language, the noun form and the verb form. For our general purposes and in most contexts we are taking the verb forms of these words … Continue reading

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But Lord, I Like It Up Here

In years past, I’ve gone on summer retreats with five guys who have been close to me for over 15 years. The intent of these retreats is to fellowship with and challenge each other (and work in some fun too).  … Continue reading

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Get Up and Reach – Initiating Your Blessings

Beloved friends, If and when someone asks me what my favorite bible story is I tell them it is the story of the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. This amazing event in history is significant enough to … Continue reading

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Coincidence – A Paradigm Change

Many years ago I was visiting a dear Christian brother, Gary, who lives in the beautiful hill country near San Diego. There are three things we typically do when we do when we get together; we laugh (a lot), share … Continue reading

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